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Online Health, Medical & Life Insurance Services in USA

Thank you for considering Private Health Associates, U.S. for your medical insurance needs. We appreciate the opportunity to tell more about what we can do for you and your family and are justifiably proud of our associates and the insurance services we provide to our clients world wide. PHA, U.S. is committed to being better than our health insurance competitors and being better today than we were yesterday. We also recognize that we are in a partnership with you as our client and that cooperation and teamwork will be the key to our mutual success.

You may think that it doesn't really matter where you buy your life, health, accident or disability coverage. But this misconception could be costing you money, service and healthcare protection.

As an insurance consumer, if you utilize Private Health Associates, U.S. services, not only will you receive one-on-one professional advice in determining which healthcare risks need to be insured, but you will also benefit from a greater variety of medical insurance products that can lead to significant savings in your premiums. A captive agent who represents only one health insurance company's insurance products can only offer you the coverage that his own company provides.

Independent Health Insurance Advice

Unlike company-employed agents, Private Health Associates, US represent more than one insurance company, so we can offer clients a wider choice of auto, business, life, travel, expatiate and health insurance coverage's as well as retirement and employee-benefit products.

PHA US Agents and Brokers not only advise clients about insurance, they recommend loss-prevention techniques and ideas that can help cut costs. If a loss occurs, the independent insurance broker's at PHA US stands with the client until the claim is settled.

Captive Agents primary alliance is with the insurance carrier, not the insurance consumer. Private Health Associates, US broker's generally have no contractual agreements with insurance carriers and rely on common or direct methods of perfecting business transactions with insurance carriers. This can have a significant beneficial impact on insurance negotiations obtained through PHA US. Brokers commonly work for either an individual looking for the coverage and financial tools that suits them best, or with the companies they represent.

PHA US's Brokers act like advisors, providing the best service and benefits that they believe would fit their clients needs. PHA US's Brokers are contributing extensively in many advanced countries other than the U.S.A. We have seen significant increases in both new clients and broker relationships in Western Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific and India.

Online Medical Insurance Quotes & Healthcare Information

When you choose PHA U.S., you will have immediate, convenient and secure access to web based healthcare coverage information including a variety of medical insurance plans, rates and applications. Our quotes and services are available online at the touch of a button 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year.

To purchase from a wide range of health and medical insurance coverage's:

Health Insurance for U.S. Citizens residing in the United States:

  • Apply online and your Aetna Healthcare Application is passed securely over the Internet fully encrypted.
  • Apply online and your Celtic Health Insurance Quote or Application is received online directly by Celtic's Underwriters fully encrypted.

International Health Insurance for U.S. Expatriates, Immigrants to The United States and those from Any Country wishing USA Style Healthcare.

To purchase from a wide range of insurance coverage plans;

Either Or
  • Apply online and request insurance coverage within minutes.

Print & Post

hospital savings mini-med mini med minimed
Click below to download and print a choice of brochures and applications. The brochures explain more about the insurance coverage and the application forms can be printed and sent to us to request coverage.

Top Reasons to Buy HTH Global Citizen Health Insurance

Deductible is waived for office visits
Can be kept upon return to your home country up to age 84
No limit on time spent in any location, including the USA
Now available in Florida for Immigrants and US Expatriates

  • HTH Global Citizen online Sales Link
  • HTH Global Citizen Brochure & Application
  • The Global Citizen health plan has met the standards of state regulators and thus features benefits more generous than non-admitted "surplus lines coverage." There are no waiting periods associated with most benefits or services and no pre-certification is required. These plans use HIPAA guidelines and the pre-existing condition exclusion can be waived subject to proof of prior creditable insurance. In addition, the plan automatically covers injuries or illnesses that are a result of a terrorist act.

Apply Online

Free Health Insurance Advise & Quote
Free advice and quotes for American citizens residing in the USA or its territories.
** Request Advice **

Health Insurance
Request your quote and apply for health insurance coverage online. It's Easy and Secure with Aetna.
** Health Insurance **

Global Medical Patriot Travel Insurance
Premium options for US and non-US citizens traveling and living abroad.
** Global Medical/Patriot Insurance **

Missionary Insurance
Long term comprehensive medical insurance coverage, anywhere in the world.
** Expatriate Health Insurance **

Visit USA-Healthcare Insurance
Low cost medical insurance for visitors to the US, and for new immigrants.
** Visit USA-Healthcare Insurance **

InterMedical Insurance
Low cost medical insurance with medical evacuation for US and non-US citizens travelling abroad.
** InterMedical Insurance **

Study USA-Healthcare Insurance
Medical insurance for foreign persons studying in the USA.
** Study USA-Healthcare Insurance **

Online Term Life Coverage
Request your quote and apply for term life coverage online. It's Easy and Secure.
** Online Term Life Coverage **

Mexico Auto/Health Insurance
Mexico Auto Insurance, Travel Mexico with Life, Health and Accident Coverage
** Mexico Auto/Health Insurance **




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