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The Competitor Smile Dental Plan

Your Solution to the High Cost of Dental Procedures

Through years of experience serving thousands of insured worldwide and listening to the feedback provided by our customers, Private Health Associates, US has gained insight into what our clients want in a dental insurance plan.

  • Superior Customer and Claims Services
  • Freedom to Choose Any Dentist
  • Quality Dental Services

Total Health and Well Being Includes Dental Coverage

Each year 20.5 million workdays are lost because of dental problems, based on survey data from Oral Health America, a renowned national non-profit organization. The Surgeon General’s Report on Oral Health in September 2000 reports that regular dental care can have a positive effect on a persons overall health. Conversely, neglecting ones dental health can have serious consequences. For example, periodontal, (gum) disease has been linked to adverse health conditions such as heart disease in adults. By encouraging you and your family to visit a dentist regularly, minor conditions are taken care of before they escalate into more serious ones.

By securing dental insurance coverage from you and your families health and wellbeing will be protected.

Dental Insurance Online

Private Health Associates, US Has a Solution for the High Cost of Dental Care

The cost of dental procedures today is outrageous. Whether if it’s a routine exam or complex oral surgery. We can surely agree that when you or someone in your family requires dental treatment, you need to have a quality dental insurance plan in place to protect you against the high cost of dental bills.

Security Life Insurance Companies-Competitor Smile Dental Program

Our Competitor Smile Dental Insurance Plan offers you and your family access to high quality, affordable dental coverage. Coverage is provided for preventative, basic and major dental procedures.

The Competitor Smile Dental Insurance plan is one of the most comprehensive programs available to you today. It pays benefits for preventative and diagnostic care – like dental exams and x-rays. It even pays benefits for crowns and dentures. Most importantly, you can access these important dental treatments with ANY dentist you choose – even the one you TRUST right now.

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  • New and Improved Features of The Competitor Smile Dental Plan
  • Choice of $750, $1,000 or $1,500 calendar year maximum per insured person
  • Eligible for ages 18 years through 64 and older
  • Freedom to choose any dentist
  • w No waiting periods
  • w 12 month rate guarantee
  • w Benefits for preventative, basic and major services

What is an Eligible Expense?

Expenses must be incurred while the Policy is in force and the person is covered by the Policy. To be an Eligible Expense, the dental services must be performed by: *A licensed Dentist acting within the scope of his license; *A licensed Physician performing dental services within the scope of his license; or *A licensed dental hygienist acting under the supervision and direction of a Dentist.

When is an Eligible Expense considered incurred?

An Eligible Expense is considered incurred on the following dates: *For full and partial dentures - on the date the final impression is taken. *For fixed bridges, crowns, inlays and onlays - on the date the teeth are first prepared. *For root canal therapy - on the date the pulp chamber is opened. *For periodontal surgery - on the day surgery is performed. *For all other services - on the date the service is performed.

What services are not covered?

  • These services are not covered by Competitor Smile Dental:
  • Overdentures and associated procedures
  • Replacement of full and partial dentures, bridges, inlays, onlays or crowns that can be repaired or restored to normal function
  • Replacement of lost or stolen appliances, orthodontic retainers, athletic mouth guards, precision or semi-precision attachments, denture duplication, or for sealants
  • Hygiene instructions, plaque control, acid etch, broken appointments, prescription or take-home fluoride or diagnostic photographs
  • Services not completed by the end of the month in which coverage terminates
  • Orthodontic services.

This is not a complete listing of exclusions. For a complete listing see the policy or certificate.

What is an alternate benefit?

An alternate benefit will apply: (1) If we determine that a less expensive alternative procedure, service or Course of Treatment can be performed in place of the proposed treatment to correct a dental condition; and (2) the alternative treatment will produce a professionally satisfactory result; then the maximum we will allow will be the charge for the less expensive treatment.

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Vision Plus Discounts

This add-on discount benefit for the Competitor Smile Dental Plan will allow you to save up to 75% on vision services, up to 50% on hearing services and vitamins and nutritional supplements. Also save on teeth whitening.

*The Vision Plus Discount is not affiliated with Security Life Insurance Company of America, nor is it part of the dental insurance plan and it's an optional benefit.

This site provides a brief description of the benefits, exclusions and other provisions of the policy or certificate Form Master Policy #GH-1112-38090 issued to the Voluntary Group Trust. For a complete listing, see the policy or certificate. Benefits may vary in different states. This dental insurance plan may not be available in all states. ©2003 HPA, Inc., Jesse Heim III Licensed Agent/Broker. All rights reserved. S105121 (10/03)

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