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Expatriate Insurance Online Quotes & Purchase

Congratulations on your decision to live abroad. The prospects of living in a foreign country can be exciting and confusing as well. Whether it's a year or longer, work, retirement or temporary assignment PHA, US will fully enlighten you on the ins and outs of Private Expatriate Health and Medical Insurance.

Health & Accident Insurance for The American Expatriate: or Expats of any Nationality

In some cases American insurance plans will reimburse you for medical expenses overseas, but they rarely will coordinate payment with European or Non-USA medical practices or hospitals. So what does this mean to you? You pay CASH on the spot out of your own pocket! With private expatriate insurance plans varying in price and coverage, don't let this deter you in your preparations for this new exciting expatriate life.

Expatriate Healthcare: The Answer for US Medicare Coverage Deficiencies

In short, Medicare coverage outside the United States and its Territories is "Very Limited". Anyone planning to reside permanently outside the United States, whether a Senior or not should ask himself or herself the following questions:

  1. If diagnosed with a serious illness, would you rather be treated inside or outside the USA?
  2. How important is a toll free 24/7 call center that can provide you with an English-speaking healthcare professional that will accept payment directly from the insurance carrier?
  3. Do you find it reassuring that around the clock medical professionals are on hand to approve, certify and coordinate medical evacuations?

When it comes to healthcare, facilities like St. Jude, M.D. Anderson and Johns Hopkins will be a long way from home. American citizens of retirement age are largely not familiar with "socialized medicine", such as in countries outside the United States. This lack of understanding, along with other factors prompted the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to print the eight-page publication CMS-11037, "Medicare Coverage Outside the United States".

Keep your best-laid plans from being jeopardized by securing your quote and purchasing Expatriate Health Insurance. Information including rates, coverage's and exclusions are all-available online below. PHA, US will keep you in the best of healthcare with the following plans:

HTH Global Citizen Health Plan

Online quote and purchase

Online application for print & post

Online HTH vs. Offshore Insurance Comparison

Global Medical Insurance, Platinum Plan

Online quote and purchase

Online application for print and post

Reside Prime Worldwide Medical

Online quote and purchase

Online application for print & post

Online Major Medical Insurance, (Lloyds)

Online quote and purchase

  • Minimal Personal Information Required.
  • Your Policy Instantly Prepared For Printing.
  • Immediate Medical Identification Cards.
  • VISA Letter of Approval is Included.

Expatriate Insurance Quotes

The information shown in these brochures or accompanying literature via these web links regarding International Health Insurance is not intended to provide full details of these plans and may change at the discretion of the company. Complete Terms of coverage are outlined in the individual Certificate Booklets and set forth in the applicable Insurance Policy. In applying for coverage, the primary insured agrees to be bound by the Certificate or Policy. The benefits described in this brochure or accompanying literature via these web links regarding International Insurance are standard benefits offered by the company. Policy provisions vary in some states. Do Not Cancel your present policy until you have received written confirmation of your acceptance from the Insurance Company. HM Insurance Group, Certain Underwriters at Lloyds, London and SIRIUS are the respective insurance underwriters for HTH, Reside, Global Medical and Peterson's International Insurance policies. All plans are administered in the USA. The HTH Global Citizen plan is HIPAA qualified.




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