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Short-term International Medical Policies

InterMedical Travel Insurance

Are You Planning an International Trip? Have you read the health insurance warning on your passport? Your present U.S. policy may not pay for medical expenses incurred outside the U.S. and Medicare won't pay any expense.

A short-term international accident/sickness medical policy can protect you. We offer InterMedical Insurance.

  • Low Cost International Medical Insurance and Medical Evacuation
  • Ideal for People traveling outside the US and outside their home country
  • Insurance Cover for up to one year
  • Two Choices of Cover with a low Deductible
  • Optional Accidental Death and Dismemberment Cover
  • Buy Online, by Fax or by Mail

Click here to Obtain Complete Details and Purchase Coverage from the Plan Administrator's site online.

Can it happen to me?

Every year, people traveling to foreign countries may require emergency medical treatment, hospitalization or medical evacuation back to their home country.

Doctors and clinics or hospitals in foreign countries may charge you prices comparable to those charged in the U.S.

If emergency medical evacuation is necessary, your cost can easily exceed $30,000.

I already have health insurance.

Your present health care coverage may not pay for medical expenses incurred outside the United States. Medicare and most Medicare supplements offer little or no protection outside the U.S. and its possessions and territories. Most U.S. medical plans; HMO’s and PPO’s do not pay for medical evacuations. Individual or employer sponsored insurance plans issued in the U.S. may not be accepted by doctors or hospitals in foreign countries or be able to arrange direct claims payment.

Without the proper assistance to locate adequate medical care or arrange medical evacuations in a foreign country you may find yourself in a terrifying situation.

We have the inexpensive health care solution!

INTERMEDICAL ™ is designed specifically for people who are traveling outside the United States and outside their home country. Coverage is available for up to 12 months.

INTERMEDICAL provides excellent illness and accident expense protection at a very low cost.

If you are injured or become ill while on your trip, INTERMEDICAL™ will reimburse you for your covered medical expenses. Major expenses can be paid directly to the medical provider and evacuation/repatriation transportation service. You pay the excess/deductible.

After you pay the excess/deductible for covered expenses per incident, the insurance covers 100 percent of most health care costs (see brief outline of coverage’s for details).

Most importantly with INTERMEDICAL™, you are provided service through AIGAssist: Worldwide Emergency Assistance. This service is just a free phone call from helping you in locating appropriate medical care while on your trip. AIGAssist can also arrange your emergency medical evacuation, escort minor dependents home and bring a friend or relative to you’re bedside if you are hospitalized overseas for an extended period.

Obtain Complete Details and Purchase Coverage from the Plan Administrator's site online-


International Medical Insurance Coverage

INTERMEDICAL™ is underwritten by The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This carrier is rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best Company and a member of the American International Group of Companies, (AIG). AIGAssist, Houston, Texas, provides emergency assistance and claims are adjusted by AIG Life Insurance Company, Wilmington, Delaware.

INTERMEDICAL™ is a registered trademark of Travel Insurance Services, the plans exclusive administrator.

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