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Insurance for Mexico

Q & A - Important Standard Exclusions & Information

The following are some important differences and exceptions found in policies issued for travel in Mexico.

1) If two Americans have an accident in Mexico and wish to file a suit in the US, Mexico's policy will not respond to a liability suit brought to the US. It will only respond in Mexico.

2) Liability for bodily injury sustained by a third party (passengers) in the insured vehicle is not covered. Example: There is no coverage if passengers of the same vehicle sue each other. However, no-fault medical payments coverage for passengers is provided.

3) Damage caused by a person without a valid driver's license or under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not covered. If your insured has a valid driver's license, and is not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, our policy will provide protection.

4) Damage sustained while participating is speed trials or races is not covered.

5) Loss or damage to under-parts of the insured vehicle as a result of overloading or rough roads is not covered.

6) Pilferage or partial theft of parts and/or accessories is not covered. Theft coverage is provided only if the entire vehicle is stolen. Vandalism is also excluded. This coverage can be added back by purchasing the GNP Deluxe or ACE Platinum coverage packages.

7) Trailers or boats that are towed must be listed on the policy in order to be covered. If the trailers or boats are not listed, there is no coverage for either the unlisted trailers, boats or the towing vehicle.

8) Coverage for physical damage is not included unless it is purchased and specifically described in the policy.

9) If you’re customer returns to the US without an adjuster's report, coverage is void. All accidents must first be reported in Mexico.

10) There are no refunds on 6 month or annual policies if cancelled more than 15 days after the effective date. Any cancellations on short-term policies must be made prior to the effective date of coverage. Short-term policies cannot be cancelled after the effective date. All cancellations are subject to company retention of up to the $15 policy fee.

-This information is provided to help you better understand some major points of Mexican Insurance and does not replace or amend any conditions or limitations in the policy form. Please review the policy form for full details on the conditions and limitations- Courtesy of Mexican Insurance Professionals & your broker PHA-US.


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