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Overseas Travel Medical Plan

Travel with Peace of Mind Short-term medical and accident protection for individuals or families traveling internationally.

Flexible Coverage Options Choice of deductibles and Maximum Benefit Amounts to build your own personalized plan.

Who should apply for Overseas Travel Medical?
Anyone traveling outside of his or her home country needs the type of comprehensive protection the Overseas Travel Medical Plan provides.

United States citizens You can purchase the Overseas Travel Medical Plan to travel anywhere outside of the U.S.* If You are a U.S. citizen residing outside of the U.S., You can purchase this protection as long as You hold a current and valid U.S. passport.

Foreign visitors traveling to the United States you can purchase the Overseas Travel Medical Plan as long as you provide us with your current and valid passport I.D. number.

Purchase your plan today online and be reassured that you are properly protected while traveling abroad.

Overseas Travel Medical

What is the Schedule of Benefits?

Accident & Sickness Medical Benefits Maximum Choices: * $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, and $1,000,000
Deductible Choices: $0, $125, $250, $500, $1,000, and $2,500

The Coinsurance (after satisfaction of the Deductible) for U.S. citizens or residents outside of the U.S. is 100% of Covered

Expenses; and for non U.S. citizens inside of the U.S. it is 80% of the first $5,000 of Covered Expenses, and then 100% of the remaining Covered Expenses.

The Maximum for Accident & Sickness Medical Benefits is limited to $10,000 for Eligible Persons ages 80 and above.
The Maximum for Accident & Sickness Medical Benefits is limited to $10,000 for the Hazardous Sports Rider.

Why do you need Overseas Travel Medical?

Today, more and more people are traveling outside of their home country, either for business, recreation or personal reasons. Frequently, domestic health insurance does not provide coverage for overseas medical emergencies, and international travelers are unable to obtain this type of protection after they are outside of their home country.

Furthermore, most traditional health insurance does not provide coverage for expenses for an emergency medical evacuation, medical reunion, and return of mortal remains, trip interruption or loss of checked luggage. The Overseas Travel Medical Plan can fill these requirements.

Benefits Provided by: American Consumer Insurance Trust

This website contains an overview of the Overseas Travel Medical Plan benefit descriptions, definitions and exclusions. If you apply for this Plan, the Administrator will provide you a Certificate of Insurance.

(The Overseas Travel al Plan is not available in all states and jurisdictions).

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1-800-397-5800 (in the U.S.)
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Overseas Travel Medical

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