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Student Health and Medical Insurance

Affordable Health and Accident Insurance for College Students

Tuition, books, rent, food, fun... health insurance?

With all the things you have to pay for college, paying for health insurance is probably last on your list. But what's last on your list could be the first thing to put you at serious financial risk. Think about this - if you're currently without health insurance, just one knee injury could cost up to $12,000*.

That's why Fortis Insurance Company created Student Select* - renewable, individual health and medical insurance for college students.

Private Health Associates, US is here to assist in identifying the special needs of students so you can secure the comprehensive health and medical insurance you require from our "virtual agency".

Student Select Health and Medical Insurance is ideal if you find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • Are you no longer eligible for coverage under your parents' health plan? Many health plans only cover you up to age 19 - 23, or they require you to have more college credit hours than Student Select Insurance.
  • Does your college or university require coverage but you find the college sponsored plan inadequate with no flexibility? Many college or university plans offer "bare bones" benefits that may not be enough to give you the financial security against large, unexpected health and accident expenses.
  • Do you attend school outside an HMO or PPO region? Restrictions on coverage outside your HMO or PPO service areas may leave you with inadequate protection.
  • Is your current health insurance coverage too expensive? Traditionally, individual major medical plans cost two to three times as much as Student Select Health and Medical Insurance. The cost to include a student on an employer's health insurance plan as a dependent can also be very expensive.

*Based on an average 2001 Fortis/Assurant Health Student Select claim. Fortis Health offers insurance products issued by Fortis Insurance Company, Milwaukee, WI.

Who's Eligible for Student Select Health and Medical Insurance?

To be eligible for Student Select Insurance coverage, you must be:

  • A health full time* college student under he age of 30.
  • A student attending a state-accredited college or university. (The college or university must be listed in the Higher Education Directory).
  • A student who maintains full - time status for a minimum of 31 days following the effective date of the policy.

*Full time is defined as an undergraduate student taking nine or more college credits or a full time graduate student.

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Not Eligible? -

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Student Health Insurance Services

Assurant Health offers insurance products underwritten by Fortis Insurance Company, Milwaukee, WI, Fortis Benefits Insurance Company, Kansas City, MO and John Alden Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, WI. California license numbers: 6666 (Fortis Insurance Company), 5580 (Fortis Benefits Insurance Company) and 3894 (John Alden Life Insurance Company). Assurant Health only accepts agent business from agents licensed and appointed in accordance with state laws.


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