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Student Cover

Are You Foreign Exchange Student Planning to Study at a College or University in the United States? You will need health insurance to protect you from the high cost of U.S. emergency medical treatment. Every foreign exchange student program will stress the need for health and accident insurance coverage while in the United States or outside your home country.

Private Health Associates, US can assist with affordable comprehensive coverage regardless of your nationality or country of origin.

Coverage is available to:

  • Foreign students registered in U.S. schools
  • U.S. registered students studying abroad

Once a student leaves his home country there is a significant amount of uncertainty at to how they will be covered and to what extent at their foreign college or university. Some universities sponsor their own "student medical" plans and the level of coverage will vary greatly from one college to the next. Even if you find yourself eligible for your universities "student medical" plan will it provide Emergency Travelers Assistance, Emergency Medical Evacuation Expense up to $30,000, (so that you may be treated in your home country near your loved ones) or Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage (AD&D) of $10,000.

Foreign exchange students are no different than those covered by employer sponsored health care plans, state, national or federal insurance plans. They are active people, juggling school, work and trying to maintain a life away from their families. A Foreign student is just as prone to a virus or illness, plus is even more susceptible to injuries because they are constantly on the move. However, students in nearly every case have limited financial resources.

We proudly offer Study USA-HealthCare here at PHA, US. It provides excellent low cost accident and illness expense protection and is widely accepted by U.S. universities. Study USA-HealthCare meets or exceeds the requirements set by the Department of State, Immigration & Naturalization Services and NAFSA.

Underwritten by The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania, a member of the AIG group of companies. Rated A "Excellent" by AM Best Company.

  • Ideal for Foreign Students in the USA or U.S. registered students studying abroad
  • For Persons under age 55 actively engaged in Academic Activities
  • Two Plans to choose from
  • Quality Healthcare Insurance and a Low Deductible
  • Apply Online, by Fax or by Mail

Click the link here to Obtain Complete Details and Purchase Coverage from the Plan Administrator's site online. Or, you can Fax your application by using the attached form.

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Study USA - Healthcare Insurance


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